Great Pricing.. Knowledgeable counter service

Joe C.

Excellent place for parts!! This place is very nice and very helpful. They have rescued me on two seperate occations. Mt sons 4th birtday cake was in theoven when the heating element burned out and started sparking. I call just before they closed the someone stuck around for me to come get the new part that they had in stock. After getting home from a 4th of July vacation our AC condenser was not running. We needed a new capacitor and we called several places that all told us they did not sell to the public. American Appliance Parts to the rescue. Called in the part I needed, and it was waiting at the counter when I showed up!

Kevin D.

The girls at American Air are extremely nice and helpful. This place is perfect for the DIY guy. Thanks to YouTube, I diagnosed that my condenser capacitor had gone out.
When I got to American Air, they tested it to verify that it was bad. They had one in stock and it was cheaper than the other places I checked.
Same thing when my blower fan took a crap last year, they had it in stock and it was cheaper.
Plus they sell to the public which many supply places don’t.
They are always so happy and cheerful!

Tony C.

I have used them for about 10 parts purchases. They have always had the parts in stock and great quality. There staff are very helpful.

Tom S.

Super friendly and great customer service!

Lin N.

Great prices on appliance parts.

Eric W.

AC was out coming back from a two week vacation in Thailand 🙁 it’s over 100 degrees! I opened the outside unit and diagnosed it was the capacitor went bad. Took it to this place because of the reviews and the reviews are correct. Staff was super friendly and lady at the front desk knew her stuff. I highly recommend this place. I found my new part store! I had the unit fixed in one hour from start to finished. Thank God they are open on Saturdays

Viet P.

Needed dryer parts for a 1988 Maytag and they had them all in stock. The price was very competitive compared to a smaller shop in Arlington that I tried. Rachel was a delight in her service and technical knowledge. Of course, Sam-the-cat was cute and friendly.

Silvia G.

Great service! Good prices, close to home. Don’t waste your money on shipping from online retailers in hopes that the correct part arrives. Just come here. Save yourself some money and headaches.

Brad D.

Great place for Maytag parts. Knowledgeable people

Joseph L.

I went to them because they were close by. I stayed with them because they are very knowledgeable and reasonably priced. They will get my business as long as I need AC parts.

David S.

Highly recommend. Another company was quoting us $1500 more for the exact same work and parts. Was able to get the work done quickly and safely

Brock D.

Great people/company! Parts always in stock super helpful


Go there for A/C filters that aren’t the standard 4″ size. Ladies at the counter are very couteous and knowledgeable. Filter prices are very good.

Bill C.

They always have prompt service calls, are friendly and knowledgeable.

Sarah V.

Awesome service and very knowledgeable. They installed a Hive Thermostat for me and had to rewire my unit. They made sure everything worked perfectly.

Xavier G.

Amazing service by young women!! Refreshing to see there are businesses that still run with integrity and honor.
Lady even tested my old part to make sure I was buying the correct part all with a smile!
The part was more expensive than I aticanticipated ($10 more) but very well worth it!

Itza C.